The Aluminum Foundry Markets [webinar]

This is number two in a series of six webinars related to the aluminum foundry business. This applies to Die Casting, Sand Casting, Permanent Mold and Investment Casting. Put together by Martin Hartlieb, Jay Armstrong and TriALco. Both Martin and Jay are very accomplished foundrymen. Please enjoy this webinar.

Introduction to Aluminum Foundry Alloys 2021 [webinar]

An introductory overview of the aluminum alloys available to Permanent Mold, Sand, Die Casting & Investment Casting foundries.

Put together by TriALco, Martin Hartlieb and Jay Armstrong, both very accomplished foundrymen.

This is the first webinar in a series of six, all related to alloy selection, individual properties and aluminum casting. A new webinar will be released every month or so.

Please enjoy their work and note email addresses at the end to have your questions answered.