All employees can be contacted through our main phone line of 708-757-4200, although each can be reached through their direct line listed below. Our fax number is 708-757-3933.

Name Responsibility Direct Line Mobile Email
Jay Armstrong President / Quality Control 708.898.9903 773.255.0186
James Dee Chief Financial Officer 708.898.9904
Richard Milnes Director of Sales 708.898.9922 330.495.7770
Zach Armstrong Sales / Quality 708.898.9909 773.718.3990
Grant Hatfield Sales/Service 708.898.9923 330.958.6024
Gary Smith Plant Manager/Production Supervisor 708.757.4200
Bill Larson Continuous Improvement 708.757.4200
Michael Morrow Raw Materials / Quality Manager 708.898.9908
Ericka Berger Shipping/Logistics 708.898.9915
Mike Bailey Laboratory Supervisor 708.898.9911
Tina Miskova Sales Assistant 708.898.9906