Introduction to Aluminum Foundry Alloys 2021 [webinar]

An introductory overview of the aluminum alloys available to Permanent Mold, Sand, Die Casting & Investment Casting foundries.

Put together by TriALco, Martin Hartlieb and Jay Armstrong, both very accomplished foundrymen.

This is the first webinar in a series of six, all related to alloy selection, individual properties and aluminum casting. A new webinar will be released every month or so.

Please enjoy their work and note email addresses at the end to have your questions answered.

News from the President

Great Ingot = Great Castings

Welcome to TriALco’s new website. As we have dedicated ourselves to produce the world’s best foundry ingot, we are dedicating ourselves to produce a great website. The purpose of the website will be to provide a font of information regarding aluminum alloys for the sand foundry, permanent mold foundry, investment casters and die casters. This site, like our business, is a continuing pursuit of excellence and is marked by continuous improvement.

Available Now:

  1. SDS for all of the alloys we produce.
  2. We can also produce these SDS sheets in Spanish.
  3. Trialco’s Foundry Alloy Book
    1. Alloy Listings
    2. Alloy Chemical Ranges
    3. Alloy Properties by type of castings
    4. Cross Reference of International Alloys
  4. TriALco Tour
  5. Contact Information

Coming Soon:

  1. Master Alloys and Additive Program
  2. Articles on specific Alloys
  3. Structural Alloys Available
  4. Research and Development at TriALco

Thank you for your time and your business. We start humbly but hope to finish proudly.

Jay Armstrong

President, TriALco, Inc.

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