Great Ingot = Great Castings

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TriALco is a versatile Primary and Secondary aluminum smelter located in the south suburbs of Chicago, IL. We specialize in producing clean, high-quality Primary and Secondary alloys for today’s 21st century Die Castings, Sand and Permanent Mold Castings, Investment Castings, other Specialty Casting Operations as well as Job Shops.

TriALco is a ISO 9001:2015 registered company via TUV Rheinland. This demonstrates our dedication to a high-quality production process. We take great pride in a production process that produces a consistent homogenous chemistry that is properly de-gassed and grain refined through strict procedures and thorough laboratory inspections.

TriALco purchases good quality raw materials, including high quality silicon metal, which we know though years of experience and interaction with our customers will produce a quality casting.

TriALco is constantly inspecting our raw materials, process and finished goods.

TriALco’s unique furnace design, strict procedures, degassing, ongoing analysis and inspection lead to creating a clean, chemically correct ingot. Always remember,

“Great Ingot = Great Castings”

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Trialco ISO CertificateISO Certificate

TriALco is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company.



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TriALco is able to produce nearly every aluminum alloy listed in the Aluminum Association registry, including both primary and secondary alloys.

Listed are our common alloys produced, most of which are stocked regularly. If an alloy is desired and is not listed as either our common alloy or from the Aluminum Association, please feel free to call 708.757.4200
email for a quotation to your specification.

TriALco ISO 9001:2008 Certified Aluminum Foundry. We produce and offer the following alloys:

150.1 170.1 201.2 A201.1 203.2 A206.2 206.2 242.2 A242.2 295.2 308.1 308.2
318.1 A319.1 B319.1 319.1 332.1 332.2 333.1 336.2 339.1 354.2 355.1 C355.2 C355.2 (.05 Fe MAX)
A356.2 B356.2 C356.2 356.1 356.2 F356.2 357.1 A357.2 A360.1 360.2 A360.2 361.1 364.2
365.1 A365.1 369.1 A380.2 A380.1 383.1 384.1 A384.1 A390.1 B390.1 393.1 A413.1 A413.2
A443.1 C443.1 C443.2 444.2 514.1 514.2 515.2 518.1 518.2 535.2 705.1 710.1 712.2
713.1 771.2 850.1 852.1

We also produce European, Asian and other alloys to meet your customer’s needs.

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